Winter is coming in Southern Hemisphere! Which might create another cycle of Coronavirus, says Anthony fauci.

Who is Anthony Fauci?

Anthony Stephen Fauci is an American physician and immunologist who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984.He has been a key figure for the American public since the corona virus outbreak began.

Anthony Fauci's comment on 25th March 2020

What we're starting to see now in the southern hemisphere in southern Africa and in the southern hemisphere countries is that we're having cases that are appearing as they go into their winter season. In fact, if they have a substantial outbreak, It will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we'll get a cycle around the second time.

What does that mean for us? In what we're doing it totally emphasizes the need to do what we're doing in developing a vaccine, testing it quickly and trying to get it ready. So they will have a vaccine available for that next cycle.

In addition, doing the randomized controlled trials of drugs. So that we will have a menu of drugs that we have shown to be effective and shown to be safe because I know we'll be successful in putting this down now. But we really need to be prepared for another cycle and what we're doing I believe will prepare us well.

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