IPS, Founder, IIT Student's suicides. This brings our society's morals down.

My prayers to Vikram Kapoor, the departed soul, IPS officer.

Vikram Kapoor, an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer and Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of NIT Faridabad, allegedly shot himself with his service revolver at his residence in Police Lines. While the exact reason behind the extreme step is not yet known, sources said that the IPS officer was upset from some days. he was due to retire from his service on October 31, 2020

Yesterday Vikram Kapoor. Recently, V G Siddhartha the founder of Café Coffee Day and many other IIT graduates are committing suicides. Now what we can learn is that life is not worth committing suicide for.

Success should not define us, failure should not define us; one should become bigger than the outcome

There may exist various reasons for every individual to take such decisions, but someone who is staying as role models committing suicide is very disappointing. Life is worth living. All of us should learn one thing: plan purposefully, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively, pursue persistently, produce productively. First, we need to set our goals, and, second, we need to audit our effort.

How we are going towards the goal and realize that more than working hard, we should work smart. When you are working smart, you will audit your life; you will also learn how to be flexible. Agility, mobility, and stability are important dimensions in doing business. If we can learn to be flexible, to enjoy what we are doing, then, we teach ourselves that we are bigger than the result.

If we look at their life, their assets were more than their liabilities. They could have clearly solved their problem. Somewhere we have to train our mind to healthy options; better options and not bitter options. Let us all pray for such a good souls and who did good work. Let us all be alert.

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