Jiny by JIO, The world's first Assistive UI application which might digitalize India further.

There is a huge digital divide that exists in India where even most of our parents, moms, in particular, struggle to use digital applications. As we go deeper into Indian Tier 2/3 cities, and villages, the divide continues to grow wide. The result is that while English India seems to be flourishing through the adoption of digital technology, the Vernacular Bharat continues to struggle.

Using even slightly complex apps makes them feel strange, uncomfortable, and apprehensive. They are constantly afraid: “what if something goes wrong?”

Jiny is building India’s first mobile adoption assistant which makes mobile apps Bharat-friendly and easy to use. It enables a user to complete an entire transaction in his/her very first try.

Assistive UIs assist the users in interacting with the system (apps) at every step.

In normal GUIs (Graphical UIs), the interaction of the user with the system (apps) is unassisted, which means that all the interactions are supposed to be figured out by the users themselves which requires users to think and hence increase the cognitive load. Whereas in Assistive UIs, all these interactions are assisted by the UI itself. They act similar to the turn by turn navigation of Google Maps but do it for the apps.


Introducing "Jiny" - World's First Assistive UI Platform

A first-of-its-kind assistant who/which can speak in users native language, guide them live on the app screen, and help them easily do complex tasks like making online payments. Jiny integrates with digital businesses to accelerate their app transactions and adoption in vernacular Bharat.

Vernacular Bharat - "Going Local", Bharat is lagging in the internet age. So researchers invited users from Bharat to understand why? For this research, they invited people of different occupations, age, gender, experience with smartphone and places.

What is the research and the smartphone knowledge of the participants?

Some of them are very much familiar with smartphone, WhatsApp, YouTube, and other apps. While some are completely new to the smartphone and some never done any online transaction thinking about its authenticity. Few of them commented that the newer generation understand everything quickly, and for them it takes times. One of them completely dependent on children while few are dependent on the trusted shopkeeper for their mobile recharge. All of them are familiar with smartphones and using them. They are asked to try to make an online transaction.

They choose their transaction platform themselves for a transaction, here are some comments by them after a few trails.

  • How do I enter the time?
  • I got confused about what sort of recharge to make, and for whose phone.
  • How can I tell which seat is reserved and which is free?
  • There are too many options, mobile prepaid a mobile postpaid... so ... I go for prepaid?

None of them could complete the transaction!! It seemed too difficult, but what if making online transaction becomes as easy as watching videos? Jiny helped them to assist using its Assistive User Interface, it successfully guided each individual a successful transaction even though it took considerable time than usually.

Comments after a successful transaction using Jiny

  • This is the first time I've seen something like this.
  • Because it kept telling me what to do, I knew I was on the right track.
  • It takes you through the entire process.
  • If all apps had this, then this would be very helpful to people
  • Say you want to book a ticket or do anything else, with this app you can easily do it.
  • You can do it yourself, you don't need a second person.
  • It is explained so clearly, I can do it 100%

It took considerable time to do a transaction than usual, but it's progress and gradual development can be seen in people. After a few transactions, they can independently do their transactions without the interference of others.

I feel like, "This app can change the way my parents and neighborhood use a smartphone". What do you think? Comment below

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