Three suggestions for a better and safe experience online, the Internet.

Many of you are familiar with the term Internet. Yeah, we all know about it. We can stay a night without sleep or a day without food, but can't even stay for a while when there is this distraction in our network due to traffic or unpaid bill. Data is the only thing we will recharge in time. It is many peoples preferred recharge more than recharging our own body.

Internet: It is a wide network of computers contains a different source of information. It is open for all, available for all.

Here, "open for all & available for all" is my main focus and Interest. So let's give your imagination a test and decide the suggestions. After all, we all use the internet for our own needs and benefits.

Imagine a place or some sort of group where people can gather. I know there are a lot, like Market complex, Cinema theaters, Social media groups or a Party and if keep mentioning the list will follow up. So let's give some constraints to decide. "for free". Now, what is that?

What is a place or group of people can gather for free?

You may find many answers. Most of them are your interests thinking they are free. Going to Church or Temple at the weekend, having a fun time with family and friends etc. This list also includes Internet usage. But the fact is even these are not free.

Do not trust everything that says free.

The Internet is just a place to gather for free, but not everything that says free is actually free. Yes, most of the services online are free but they are not on the right side or safe side of the internet. No one can provide a service entirely free, there should be something happening behind the scenes here.

  • Trust the website with (https) only.
  • Even if it is free, it should be for a limited time period.
  • Open sources are the only actually free services because at some point you should use your own skill to make something out of it.
  • Websites flooded with advertisements, just don't visit them if you don't know about that.
  • At least there should be some sort of registration for providing you something free.

Try to stay on the right side of internet usage. Even if it costs you.

Yes, there is something like the right side to keep you always safe from threat. Can you follow those? Try if you can follow or not.

You all are familiar with cracked versions and mods, right? what do they do so that you can access free service? They are actually removing the code or program that is supposed to tell the service provider (As it is valid or not). If they can modify the code what is the guarantee it was not affected with malicious code to spy or collect data?

Never trust modded or cracked versions, if you really can't believe this. Ping me in the comment section I can give you a modded app where I can even access your webcam.

Don't just believe what the Internet says. Have an opinion on it by gathering more info

The Internet is not a newspaper or textbook to give you only the accurate result, there are many lies, rumors floating all over the place. Most of them are fake, trying to lure you by good looking and pleasing manner. You should even doubt on this article, but doubting is not always the correct solution. look into the information you got, try to find more relevant things. After all, this is not a media (a service), it is Social Media (we decide what is true and what is wrong) majority role is true here.

Don't believe in me? Need some proof?

Here is the proof:

  • Open a new tab in your browser
  • Search for "Idiot" in google
  • Go to the images section
  • You will find someone familiar over there.

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