I'm Akhil

I am an Engineering Physics graduate from IIT Guwahati, but merely not restricted to Physics itself. In the past few years, I involved in many open-source projects, mainly through contribution, that too, especially in the field of writing guides for beginners to start their projects.

I'm also interested in Network and Security and continuously staying up to date with the latest security flaws that have been identified. Testing and using these exploits to launch a successful attack and noting down the precautionary measures through blogs is one of my hobbies.

Previously I wrote blogs and contributed my content in Haklab, OurConfig, CLG Life, Hacking Episodes, Personal Quora Blog and presently trying to make an environment for the Programmers and Ethical Hackers through Leewardslope

The decision of a perfectly configured Artificial Intelligence is always better than Human Intelligence. We, humans, are unknowingly prejudice, stereotype, and emotional while judging something crucial.

K A Naidu

Here are some of my interests

  • Writing or ransacking blogs
  • Can spend all day, if it's somehow related to tech or cybersecurity
  • Playing, "Counter Strike Global Offensive"
  • Playing, "Brawl Stars", if mobile is the only device with me.
  • Physics is my favorite subject
  • Recently, I have been spending more time on open source projects. They're interesting xD.

Educational Qualifications

  • Engineering Physics undergraduate at IIT Guwahati
  • The next one is going to be a secret :p