Moral Outrage on Indian Foreign Affairs

What is happening around us (India)? In the ongoing pandemic, we are already facing a large economical crisis. Our government is trying its best to help the needed! At least that is what is portrayed by the media and news channel. Is it really true? Such a topic is always controversial and tends to have a lot of political influence.

But as far as the foreign policy is considered we as citizens knew very less because even the media dont have sufficient resources to sugarcoat it. Need an example of sugarcoating?

Ali Bhatt was pregnant because of Karan Johar

The fact: Ali Bhatt needs to take the role of pregnant women, in the direction of Karan Johar. These days this is how most of the media content rolls. It is similar to clickbait videos on youtube. It is how they make news Interesting and memorable, I dont blame them.

Back to the main topic. Here are some burning and current issues. #MoralOutrageV2 (Online Mode)

  • Forever enmity with Pakistan, dont know when we will have a stable diplomatic stand from both the sides.
  • Afghanistan, Do I need to mention the ongoing Taliban Crisis and How India was being neglected due to our stand in support of the Present government?
  • China’s claim over Aksai Chin Region, entire Arunachal Pradesh and the recent Galwan Vally issue. China is always like that, they claim everything. Ex: The Tibet, The Hongkong, The South China Sea. Dudes in Chine at least leave the seas alone -_-
  • Nepal, did you forget the Roti-Beti relations with India? Why so serious towards India all of a sudden?
  • In the case of Bhutan, in a way we have their military and foreign control. Recently many amendments took place as it is threatening Bhutan’s sovereignty
  • Bangladesh, also known as East Pakistan till Bangladesh Liberation War. Due to the recent Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC: National Register of Citizens - we dont have good relations, even though our Home Minister gave them a clear indication that excluded citizens of Indians will not be sent to Bangladesh as refugees.
  • Hello Nagaland, why do you need a separate flag? Why? Check out the 7th Schedule of our Constitution, it is especially for you guys. Unlike Article 370. Hope they will not take support from Myanmar for their liberation.
  • Last but not least, Srilanka, anyone from Tamil Nadu. Yeah, you knew it well.

This is not an elaborate post on the current issues, but it will give you some insights into current India and have a better understanding, as many of my viewers never cared about India’s stand towards its neighboring countries.

I don’t know what GoI is planning to do, but it needs to solve these issues diplomatically and as fast as possible. If not, India will never have a helping hand from its immediate neighbors which is very important. So GoI, don’t make this a political issue for your vote bank focus on doing something rather than showing off your policies: Neighbour First Policy.

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